99% of manuscripts submitted to publishers in the United States are rejected. 99%. Imagine that. For every 100 manuscripts written, 99 are rejected and unpublished. That sounds like a pretty daunting landscape for a writer, right?

You shouldn’t bother looking for a publisher, right?

Wrong. Let’s amend that statement. You shouldn’t bother looking for a publisher unless you are comfortable with networking.

In addition to owning and operating MyCareerHacker, I continue to embark on my journey as a creative writer. I am the proud co-author of The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn, a book that I wrote with my partner Vakasha Brenman. It was through Vakasha’s lifetime of showing an interest in others and always seeking to give value that we received what we had hoped for, a publisher to take on our manuscript and share it with the world.

A longtime friend of Vakasha’s has been involved in Britain’s publishing industry for decades. Their friendship spanned over thirty years. When Vakasha and I had completed the research, writing, and editing phases of our book, we asked her friend if he would feel comfortable helping us find a suitable publisher. Her friend more than offered us guidance;’ he advocated on our behalf and landed us a publishing contract with O-Books, an amazing publisher that focuses on spiritual and mythological-oriented books, a perfect home for our book.

It was through Vakasha’s network that we reached a successful outcome.

You may not be a writer by trade, but you can achieve similar results in your field.

Networking can lead you to numerous new career opportunities. Everyone has individuals in their life, be they family, friends, classmates, former coworkers, former employers, former employees, college alumni associations, and many other individuals who have both a positive opinion about your character and a positive opinion about your professional talents. They want to help you. Let them!

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