The ladies of Litchfield Correctional may not have a ton of “career experience,” per se, but getting a job can be an emotional rollercoaster, and they know what that’s like.

Maybe the old job just wasn’t working out…


Or maybe it’s just time for a career change.


And trying to find a job right out of school can be terrifying.


When you realize it’s time to start the application process, though, you’re like


What am I going to write in this stupid cover letter?


And I have to write a stand-out résumé?


You may get the urge to lie on your résumé…don’t.


Then you send in that killer résumé and cover letter and you’re feeling like


But waiting to hear if you got an interview is hell.


And then you get that call! And you’re like


And you totally kill that interview! You walk out of there like


Don’t forget to write a thank-you email!


Waiting to be called back after an interview is like


But then you’re hired and you’re all like


And having a career you love is THE BEST

Amen, Poussey, Amen.

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