Would you wear a suit on the basketball court? Would you wear a tank top when meeting the President? No, of course not – that’s ridiculous. It’s just as ridiculous as sending the same résumé to multiple employers!

Many otherwise qualified job candidates don’t get called in for interviews because their résumés aren’t tailored to the specific job listings to which they’re applying. Regardless of experience and credentials, without making your résumé a match for the company/organization’s needs, you probably won’t be getting that interview.

Imagine being on a date with someone who is attractive, intelligent, and successful, yet throughout the entire time, all they do is talk about themselves. Would you give them a second date? Probably not. Think of the job search in the same way. If your résumé doesn’t take into account the needs and inclinations of your potential employer, you will not be moving forward with that company. You may be a perfect fit for them, but they wouldn’t know it because of the manner of your presentation.

So, what should you do to make sure that your résumé is responsive to company’s needs? Well, for one, don’t worry. You needn’t create a new résumé for each company to which you apply. Simply utilize a master template, and then adjust it to address the various keywords, responsibilities, and qualifications listed in the job post. Doing so may exert a little extra time, but it will be worth it when you start seeing the interviews line up. Bottom line: Don’t be selfish; think of the company’s needs, and give them what they want. Believe me, they’ll call you for that second date!

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