1. In your résumé, cover letter, or in an interview, brevity is key. Get your point across without being long-winded.

2. Sometimes, it’s going to feel like you’ve sent out a billion applications to a billion different jobs, but the war is far from over. The right job is out there: just up your networking; take a fresh look at your résumé/CV and cover letter; and lead your troops into battle again. If you hear “The Rains of Castamere” playing though, walk slowly out of the room and go take a nap.

3. Been out of work for a long time? Whatever the reason—raising a family, a career change, or going back to school—it’s never too late to come back! Functional résumés can often be useful in times like this.

4. Don’t forget what you’re good at! Play it up. While Tyrion’s major strengths are drinking and being clever, you probably have more skills and talents than you realize. If you’re having a hard time picking out those special strengths that differentiate you, it doesn’t hurt to take an informal poll of your family, friends, or even former employers, because they won’t have forgotten. Just ask “What would you say I’m particularly skilled at?” If it doesn’t help with your application materials, it’ll give you a confidence boost, at the very least.

5. This is actually more anti-advice. Everyone is suited for some kind of work. Figure out what it is you really want to do with your life, and then see if you can get it!

6. If the mother of dragons doesn’t feel like arguing grammar, hiring managers certainly won’t. Make sure your résumé and cover letter are absolutely perfect in the spelling, tense, grammar, and language departments BEFORE you send them in.

7. Littlefinger knows how to be charming to get what he wants. So should you. Use your network! You may not have Varys’ little birds scattered around the Seven Kingdoms, but you probably have some former employers, professors, or friends who are positively predisposed to you and would be willing to introduce you to some friends in high places.

8. Can I get real for a second? The Tyrells normally know what’s up. If your résumé and cover letter are tip-top, you won’t need to explain yourself so much in an interview; your materials will already have done the talking for you. No need to speak (as much) in a setting where it’s super easy to get flustered and nervous and trip on your words.

9. Of course Tyrion is going to be featured prominently on this list. Beginning to write your job application materials (especially cover letters) is the hardest part. Striking that chord that’s confident but not self-congratulatory, somewhere between highly skilled and cocky is…well…awkward. But you can always go back and edit—so just start writing!

10. If you feel like you know nothing, then consult us at MyCareerHacker.com

And if all else fails, just follow Cersei’s example.

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