1. Your résumé is full of gimmicks, graphics, or glitz.

Elle Woods lied to us in Legally Blonde:


The only “something special” a pink scented résumé gives is a special hiring manager migraine.

  1. You included everything in your “Relevant Work Experience” back to babysitting your neighbors’ kid when you were 14.


They seriously don’t.

  1. Your résumé is just 5 pages of fluff with no substance, achievements or metrics.

Hiring Managers’ eyes glaze over



  1. YOU DIDN’T PROOFREAD. Come on, guys. This one should be obvious.


It’s called grammar.

  1. Your email address is sk8rboi29475, 2cute2boot1989, or anything @hotmail.com. It’s hard to let go, but get a professional email address if you want anyone to take you seriously.



  1. YOU LIED. Don’t list employers, accomplishments, or work experiences that are just straight. up. lies. You might think you’ll get away with it…


You won’t get away with it.

  1. You Mad Libs-ed it. Don’t just take a good résumé template and cut and paste. Your résumé should be an original creation, not a scrapbook collage.


Not fooling anyone.

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