Should you be honest throughout your resume and cover letter? Absolutely!

That said, those who most easily advance in the job hunt are masters of spinning the facts and adept at painting themselves in the best possible light.

Consider the following two bullet points:

  • Performed data entry.
  • Optimized back-end data management.

The first one is weak. The second one is far stronger. Both statements, at their core, say the same thing. Both statements are truthful. However, only the second one will get a hiring manager to consider you as a serious job applicant.

For many job candidates, there’s a tendency to understate the exact significance of what they’ve done in their careers. Whenever possible, you need to amplify what you’ve done in terms of its impact…but never past the bounds of reason.

Hiring managers are smart. They catch lies. You may think you’re skilled at deceit, but you don’t want to get caught in a lie after being hired. If you lie and are hired anyway, you could be subject to dismissal for misrepresenting yourself, and potentially blacklisted from your profession. Still, you do need to make an impression to get yourself in the door in the first place. Keep this balance in mind when you’re crafting your resume. Spin the truth and make your accomplishments, experience, and education stand out in a way that will maximize your prospects.

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