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You’re an elite-level talent.

You have proven experience in your field and a successful track record.

You’ve made every organization that you’ve worked for better by consistently transmitting demonstrable value.

Employers should be lining up to hire you.

Unfortunately, they’re not.

You’re great at what you do.

But it’s not enough to be great at what you do.

You need to know how to navigate the 21st century job search and generate job offers.

Job offers that can give you a better standard of living.

Job offers that can challenge you.

Job offers that can allow you to do work that is meaningful to you.

Have you tried it all and still can’t find an amazing job?

We can help.

Most services that claim to help job seekers just plain don’t work.

A professionally redone resume and cover letter is great, but by no means is it enough for most applicants to get the types of jobs they want.

Other services stop at the starting line. We’re with you all the way.

My Career Hacker is different from our competitors.

We’re here to eliminate the stress, hassle, and uncertainty of your job search by guiding you through every step of the job hunt.

We give you the materials, the knowledge, the techniques, and the mindset necessary to transform your professional life.

Simply put, our process works.


Resume and Cover Letters

A strong resume can land you an interview with top employers and an outstanding cover letter can open the door to your dream job.

MyCareerHacker will enhance your resume and cover letter to:

Magnify your accomplishments with demonstrable, metric-based, evidence
 Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
Present your qualifications in an aesthetically pleasing format
 Eliminate any errors in grammar, spelling, or conventions
Integrate appropriate keywords to get your job application past ATS filtering software

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is an often underutilized marketing tool for job seekers. Appropriate use of LinkedIn can quickly advance your career through the leveraging of your existing network and introduction to new contacts.

MyCareerHacker will optimize your LinkedIn to:

Present you as an elite, distinctive professional
Market your experience, background, and accomplishments to the appropriate demographic/s
Magnify your accomplishments with metric-based evidence to attract recruiters
Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
Eliminate any errors in grammar, spelling, or conventions
Generate increased search engine traffic

Career Consulting

The job application process can be overwhelming. It is imperative for successful job applicants to learn how to most effectively navigate their job search.

MyCareerHacker will consult with you directly via phone (Skype for our non-U.S. based clients) to:

Discuss how to network with your existing contacts
Teach you how to approach new contacts
Explain the most time-efficient, high-yield approaches to landing a job in your field
Suggest strategies for increasing your salary and/or benefits
Instruct you on how to convey yourself in the most professional fashion
Any other concern you may have related to your job search

Strategic Networking

Many times it isn’t what you know, but who you know. The job search process is quite a bit easier when you’re able to network with leaders and influencers in your field.

MyCareerHacker will help you leverage and expand your professional network to:

Set you up with personalized introductions to employers, human resources professionals, and other leaders in your field
Highlight your strengths and suitability to exceptional professionals who can get you hired
Reach out to no less than ten individuals who can potentially open doors for your career

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be the most challenging aspect of the job search. You need to show your interviewers that you’re competent and a good fit for both the role and the organizational culture.

MyCareerHacker will help you excel in interviews by:

 Sharing a list of possible interview questions based on your unique professional background
Analyzing your answers to our sample questions and offering helpful feedback
✓ Conducting a practice interview
 Coaching you on vocal tonality and body language

Social Media Examination

Your digital footprint is hardly private. Employers scrutinize potential employees’ social media platforms. Unprofessional behavior on social media platforms can cost you a job.

MyCareerHacker will analyze your social media to:

Ensure that there is no unethical or juvenile comments or posts that are publicly visible to employers
Confirm that your profile photos present you in a positive light
Advise you on what to delete or make private

The Process

Friendly conversations to allow us to better understand your career goals and learn more about your professional background.

Exceptional job application materials designed to present you as a distinctive leader in your field.

Completed work by our trained experts.

Get Started

Bronze Package

  • Resume Cover Letter LinkedIn Profile Optimization1 Hour of Career Consulting
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Silver Package

  • Resume and 2 Modifications Cover Letter and 2 Modifications LinkedIn Profile Optimization 3 Hours of Career Consulting Strategic Networking Work Until Hired
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Gold Package

  • Resume and 5 Modifications Cover Letter and 5 Modifications LinkedIn Profile Optimization 10 Hours of Career ConsultingStrategic NetworkingInterview PreparationSalary NegotiationsPersonal BrandingJob Listing ProcurementSelf-Employment ExplorationSocial Media ExaminationWork Until Hired
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Alfonso is a man of character. He asked the pertinent questions and worked diligently to get my resume and cover letter back to me in the promised time frame. The quality of his work is impeccable. I highly recommend MyCareerHacker’s services.


They were extremely professional and made the whole experience very comforting. They paid attention to every detail and communication with them was easy and insightful. The end product exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend them to my peers and look to their services in the future.


Everything sounds a lot better. Thanks a lot! I will definitely recommend you guys if I have the chance.


I will definitely keep MyCareerHacker as a contact and will also pass along their contact info to my friends who are also in the process of applying to places.


They are excellent writers and they put their heart into their work. As promised, they delivered me a strong resume, which is the key to opening job opportunities. Easy communication, and they meet deadlines as promised. They will take the time to make sure that your resume is perfect. Highly recommended and do not hesitate to work with them.



The MyCareerHacker team views our clients as partners. We believe in the human component. We believe in forging relationships. We believe in putting forth exceptional effort. We believe in using our skills to help others achieve their goals.

Our clients are NEVER treated as mere business transactions.

Yes! We provide our consulting services to our Gold and Silver clients until they land at least one job offer. We also offer the option to continue working with our career consultants at only $50/hour afterwards for those who would like to continue to explore their career opportunities.

While we do not offer any guarantees on our service for our Bronze clients, the majority have achieved excellent career placements.

For many applicants, yes, you can find a job on your own. The question is – do you want to? Do you want to add 20 hours a week of inefficient job hunting to your already packed workweek? That’s time that could be spent laughing with family and friends, going out on the town, or doing a million other things that make for a rich life worth living.

MyCareerHacker makes your job search easier, faster, and much less stressful. We’ll do the hard work for you. Let us help you not just get a job, but a fulfilling job aligned with your overall vision.

The scattershot approach of sending the same resume and cover letter to 100 employers and hoping for a positive result simply doesn’t work for anything but the lowest of positions. You’re better than that!

Hiring managers want to know that you have a real investment in working with them. If you don’t tailor your resume and cover letter for each position, then you won’t be successful in the modern job search. That’s why MyCareerHacker offers unlimited revisions of resumes and cover letters for our Gold clients and multiple revisions for our Silver clients.

We understand that our services aren’t for everybody. MyCareerHacker is specifically designed for high-achieving professionals who are only satisfied with the best. Our clients more than make their money back after the initial investment in higher salaries and increased fulfillment.

We offer payment plans on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to inquire about options.

We use PayPal, a respected leader in online transactions, for all of our services. This means that we will never have access to any of your personal information.
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Let’s take the first step together…
Get in Touch and Receive a
FREE 15-Minute
Phone Consultation